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Clixies is a part of a network of similar companies who, taken altogether, have one of the largest membership databases on the internet. This huge database contains millions of people from all over the world who are looking for online businesses to join that enable them to earn some money online and to improve the quality of their lives.

We connect our registered members to opportunities from advertisers who need referrals for their downlines. This way advertisers achieve their goals of expanding their programs or businesses and at the same time members achieve their own goals by finding the right opportunity or business to join forces with in order to earn money.

Clixies fills a much needed gap between Safelists and other online advertising because these days it’s extremely difficult to find referrals for online opportunities. Many safelists send out 300 e-mails a day and nobody can read all those so your ad is never read, it just gets deleted. FFA’s are not the way to advertise anymore either, because many who use them find that they are suddenly being accused of spamming in spite of all FFA list members having agreed to receive emails.

What we provide is called Guaranteed Signups, meaning that you will receive the number of signups you’ve paid for - guaranteed! This also means that you will never ever be accused of spam and that you will get your downline filled with people who are willing to put some effort into your opportunity and who take it seriously.

The program you promote has to be free to join or it has to have a free option or a free trial period, because we only advertise free programs where one can join and see how it works first before investing any money. Our members can upgrade at any time and they will do this if they like your opportunity and what it has to offer.

Our signups are sold through an affiliate of ours: http://www.myworldbiz.net/signups.html
The above website is the official partner of Clixies.com.

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