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General FAQs

Is this program available internationally?
Yes, members from all countries are welcome.

Does it cost anything to join?
No, this opportunity is absolutely free.

Which operating system and web browser do I have to use?
You have to have Microsoft Windows and the Internet Explorer browser on your computer.

How will you send the offers to me?
You will need to download our Internet Explorer compatible toolbar (which is about 200KB in size and takes 5 minutes to set up). Our server will be sending new offers and all your account statements (e.g. your earnings) directly to your toolbar when you have it on.

Do I have to do every offer that is sent to me?
No, you only complete offers that you want to complete. You can skip any that you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable doing.

Is there a required number of offers that I will have to complete?
Yes, the requirement is 20 offers per week. However if you go further and complete 30 or more, you will get an extra 10%-20% added to your earnings.

How much will I get paid for every offer I complete?
You will be paid US$0.10 - $0.35 depending on which country you are from.

How much money will I get in commission for every new member I refer?
You only earn money when your referrals complete offers. You earn 10% from the revenue of your direct (1st level) referrals and 5% from the revenue your indirect (2nd - 5th level) referrals.

Is there a limit as to how many referrals I can have?
No, you may refer as many people as you can, there is no limit.

When can I request payment?
You can request payment as soon as you have at least $5.00 (5 dollars) on your account.

How soon will I be paid?
You will receive your money 3-10 days after you request it.

How will I be paid?
We pay our members by AlertPay or Liberty Reserve which we find the most convenient ways of transferring funds internationally over the internet with the minimum expense.

What kind of offers will I encounter?
Although there are many offers of all sorts, there are 4 major categories:
a) Online stores offering various products
b) Online services (webmaster resources, dating, casinos, games, lotteries, etc),
c) MLM companies, HYIP companies, downline clubs and other investment schemes
d) Traffic exchange programs, paid surveys, PTR sites (paid2click, paid2surf, paid2read emails, paid2signup)

I'm not familiar with terms like MLM and HYIP. Can you explain?
MLM - Multi Level Marketing - marketing scheme in which participants sell company's products or services and then receive compensation for every sale they make. Multi level is because every participant can recruit other participants and earn commissions on their sales. This can go up to several levels (set by the company).

HYIP - High Yield Investment Program - a system where you invest some money and earn income based on the high interest rates. In marketing slang "do nothing and earn big bucks". Such companies usually have what is called an internal plan (online & offline businesses) where your money gets invested in and your success depends on the success of their plan.

I would like to earn more substantial income. Can you recommend a strategy based on what's offered on your website?
If you are asking about the "key to success" we don't know what that is, but there are some standard paths people follow. Assuming that you don't have any money to invest and we know how expensive is for an average person to place some money on the internet, you could first try PTR websites or paid surveys so you fill up your AlertPay account. It's good to try up to several websites so you earn money faster. Once you have some money online and your ambition goes beyond getting paid in small amounts, you could try some investment programs or if you want to get more referrals for existing programs that you are already member of, you could purchase advertising. The most important thing is to know when and where to stop. Use your intuition and carefully investigate the opportunities you signup with.



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